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JPRC Neuro-Spine Centre

We are a team of specialist medical professionals. interventional pain physicians and Neurosurgeon,whose purpose is to relieve painful conditions of spine & joints. by using advance innovative approach with proven technology.Patients failed to respond to routine medical treatment. Our medical experts from india ,USA,europe,indonesia,middle east.put forth a joint opinion on selected cases by using advance medical knowledge & technically expertise. JPRC is backed up by DR SANJAY SHARMA MBBS,DA,FIPM & Dr Tramboo MD FIPP (USA). Our Team- 1) Dr. tramboo is examiner for FIPP exams and director of relives pain clinic. Dr. tramboo is also board of director for TRUMINIM. Dr tramboo is inventer of novel technique for percutaneous laminoplasty. 2. Dr. Taha MD Dr Taha is board certified physical medicine doctor from USA. he is trained in pain management and is board of directors for Spine Loop. He is also co – inventer of technique for percutaneous laminoplasty 3.Dr. LALIT BHARDWAJ MBBS,MS,Mch [neurosurgery].

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  • Transport Nagar, Gurudwara Mode Bus Stop, Govind Marg Sethi Colony - 302004

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What is neuropathic pain? It goes without saying that pain develops as a result of an operation. So-called "neuropathic pain", which is caused by irritations or injuries of pelvic nerves, is different: it is much more severe and is perceived as hardly bearable. Such pain is usually classified as chronic and is characterized by an extremely intense sensation of pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, those affected usually rate their pain between 8 and 10 - an intensity of pain that is no longer compatible with normal everyday life, both physically and mentally. Even strong painkillers such as morphine preparations provide little relief. The thought of a possible involvement of the pelvic nerves should always be considered: if any new, unusual pain has developed after the intervention if the pain is not described as severe "period pain" but rather as "electrical pain", if this pain is located in the deep back, buttocks, genitals; especially if this pain radiates downwards, e.g. into the feet. if this pain remains unchanged 2-3 weeks after the procedure, or even becomes worse if numbness occurs in the buttocks, genitals or regions of the legs if movement restrictions of the legs/feet arise (gait difficulties, problems climbing stairs) if new difficulties with urination occur (problems emptying the bladder or urinary incontinence) If this pain has developed immediately after the surgery, there is obviously a direct mechanical stimulus, or even a lesion, which has occurred during the procedure. However, nerve pain can also occur months or even years after an intervention, i.e. when scar tissue has formed over time as a result of infection, bruising or net implantation. This can irritate or even trap the nerves. If there is "only" an irritation of the nerve, the regions where the pain is felt feel quite normal. If the nerves are injured or even destroyed, neurological deficits with numbness and/or movement restrictions during walking or difficulties in emptying the bladder or bowels occur.
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