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    What's Brachialgia? Any Pain condition start from your Neck region travel towards shoulder and may radiating down'to hand fingers, maybe associated with Nerves root's compression or Disc pathology from C1 to C7 like Disc Bulge, Protrusion, Extrusion etc.but commenest one is C4-5-6. Most of people's have myths about this problem-keep on saying it's Cervical Spondylitis or Cervical pain, they visit to doctors intially for relief, first doctors will ask them to get done X-ray, Cervical Spine .just after seeing x-rays he will advise you neck collar or pillow for couple of days or weeks. Without knowing what exact structure is involved in Neck Pain, wether it's Nerves, muscles, cervical vertebrae, vascular structure, artery or vein.how your doctor is commenting it's cervical Spondylitis or something else? How your doctor will see Nerves root's in X-ray? . Clinical findings* -patients may experience Tingling sensation Heaviness or burning sensation, spasms in area.of dermatome.in severe condition your power of limbs may affected, even patient feel difficulty in gripping or holding object. Investigation- X-ray Cervical Spine, MRI scan cervical, Doppler ultrasound arterial or venous.EMG, , NCV etc Treatment of Brachialgia* Medical treatment-analgesics muscles relaxant or rest for limited duration, some Physiotherapy if be needed but contraindications if neurological function with warning signs.present . Every medical treatment has its own limitations with time frame. Surgical options* If conservative treatment has been non responsive to medical treatment. May opt for-Epidural injections for Pain relief as directed by your Pain physician or Neurosurgeon. Etc. Nucleoplasty procedures, Laser procedures, Disc Fix Discectomy, Laminectomy etc Never mind if you are feeling any Pain condition associated with Unwanted paresthesia Numbness Spasms Tingling sensation etc must consult with Pain physician or Neurosurgeon.but keep on trial with medicine by any physician or therapist or unwanted exercise may be catastrophic events if spinal cord vital functions compromise.. anything unwanted action there may have deleterious effects.
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