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    trigeminal neuralgia? suicidal disease-electric shock over face? dr sanjay sharma, interventional spine pain physician JPRC SPINE& JOINT CARE, JAIPUR expert view Trigeminal Neuralgia, or TN, is a cranial nerve condition that causes intense facial pain on one or both sides of the face in sudden and sporadic episodes. most often its noticed over one side of face but some timetimes happened on both side of face, Though the pain typically only lasts seconds, many people with Trigeminal Neuralgia describe the pain as debilitating and unbearable. Usually, this impulsive pain occurs unexpectedly and without warning, though some patients report tingling, Numbness or Achiness in the days leading up to an attack. Pain comes on quickly and frequently for several days, weeks or even months during each episode. Doctors are not sure of the exact cause of TN, but it is believed to be associated with pressure placed on the trigeminal nerve by surrounding blood vessels. Fortunately, treatments are available to help TN patients manage pain and reduce episodic recurrences. primarily most of general physician or Neurophysicians think its only managed by medicines, after a long fail trials, he refer to neurosurgeon for brain surgery, like open surgery of brain-patient become reluctant for any surgery. now we had many minimal invasive procedure like radiofrequency ablation, ballon decompression, GAMA knife etc radiofrquency ablation is one supposed to be safest and non cutting, bloodless day care procedure, under local anesthesia, and mild sedation.results of pain relief by rf ablation are immediately,
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