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    Spinal Canal stenosis? It's clinical condition where canal of Spinal column get narrow down to expected dimensions, leading to claudication, means difficulty in walking for certain distance as oneself experience with his normal walking. Symptoms* Low Back Pain Paresthesia , Numbness, Spasms in Calf Muscles, Tingling sensation, Heavier feet. Sometimes Bowl and Bladder incontinence. Investigation- X-ray, MRI, CT scan, EMG, NCV, VIt B12 Treatment* Most of the time someone who is suffering with such symptoms.whenever visit to any general doctors, they simply labelled such conditions as #slipped disc.for that medical conservative treatment start with exercises, physiotherapy and Pain killer. Clinically we can broadly categorised Spinal Canal Stenosis in three types. Mild, Moderate, Severe Medical treatment has values in mild to moderate types with specific safety precautions, unless Motor Power, Bowl and bladder incontinence is not affected. Severe Canal stenosis Most often dealt with Surgery.because of risk with cauda equina syndrome.if not treated timely manner it may compromise your spine vital structure like spinal cord and other important structures.leading to demand for emergency surgery. Type of surgery Patient who is present with symptoms of severe Canal Stenosis demand conventional surgery or Minimal Invasive surgery, Minimal invasive techniques are far safe and with good prognosis. with accuracy and affordable to patients.in such situations if someone who is scared about open surgery, can opt for Minimal Invasive surgery. There'ssmall incision, early ambulatory, , no blood loss and less abstinence from work. Conclusion-if you are feeling or living with such clinical findings can opt for best medical/surgical treatment with proven prognosis with qualified Spine Neurosurgeon.or Pain physician, Neurophysician.who can help you with definite answer.
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