Learn About Pain Treatment - Pain ManagementWe want everyone who visits this site to know exactly what to expect before they go in for treatment. Pain treatment education is a key component to JPRC spine& joint centre, where Pain SUFFERER or patien

Trigeminal NeuralgiaWell known painful condition also known as Suicidal disease toTrigeminal neuralgia is a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve, which carries sensation from your face to your brain. If you have trigeminal neura

A multi-disciplinary team of pain physicians, and neurosurgeons led by fellowship-trained and certified pain specialists, enable JPRC Spine & Joint Care to offer the most advanced treatment options available, including:*Minimal invasive spine sur

What's Brachialgia?Any Pain condition start from your Neck region travel towards shoulder and may radiating down'to hand fingers, maybe associated with Nerves root's compression or Disc pathology from C1 to C7 like Disc Bulge, Protrusion, Extrusion

do you know most of the Back Pain Problem is confined within Disc structure like disc material, Nerve Entrapment, Canal Stenosis.may present with low back pain radiating down to leg, with paresthesia, numbness, tingling sensation etcfor that most of

Brachialgia is one of the commonest problem present with shoulder pain, sometime radiating from neck to hand fingers, reasons behind etiology is compressive radiculopathy from cervical disc C5-6, is most commonest one.Patient usually complaint of pa

Stitchless techniques for Slipdisc pain problem!Anyone's who is suffering with BackPain usually advised for bed rest or long-term Painkillers as well as some exercise, so called physiotherapy!But Sometimes such Painful situation may landed in worse

Most of the spine pain condition are associated with unwanted postures, leading to chronic pain, associate with tingling sensation or spasms in buttocks.sitting for long hours in office environments supposed to be associated with unwanted Pain condit

Do you know the symptoms of buttock pain?Tightness, paresthesia Numbness Spasms Tingling sensation Heaviness or burning sensation, all because of involvement of Nerves, that radiating from Spine, Definite radiological evidence like MRI scan is mand

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