Slipdisc pain problem is now not a stigma, to living with painful situation?Most of people's With Spine Conditions like Slipdisc pain, taking medicine and injections or exercise for the Pain condition, despite of that most of the time Pain condition

JPRC spine & joints careWednesday, August 1, 2018स्लिपडिस्क का पिन होल तकनीक[minimal invaisve] से इलाज *स्लिपडिस्क क्या है ?रीढ़ की हड्डियां आपस  में एक दुसरे से एक गद्दी से जुडी होती है, जिसे हम डिस्क कहते है!इसमें एक प्रकार का लचीला पदार्थ ह

Advance spine centre Jaipur with team of qualified neuro surgeon and spine pain specialist, Stitchless techniques for slipdisc pain problem with out any cutting of bone and muscles or other vital structure of Spine as most of people's are being befoo

Yesterday a known case of PIVD L5S1LEVEL , who was having long-standing Pain condition of her lower back and radiating from back to foot on one side.because of this problem she was having pain around knee joint all times.they consultation with many

Slipdisc pain problem should not be taken as untreatble situation. In our society people's believe if you get done any surgical procedure on your spine, will leads to undesirable side effects like, loss of Motor Power, loss of control over urinary b

Dr Sanjay Sharma interventional pain physician well known in Spine pain problem like Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Slipdisc, Spondylitis, Cervical pain.he is one of top notch pain physician who is performing Pin Hole Technique for Slipdisc treatment, ju

Slipdisc Treatment -Stitchless TechniquesWe are team of Best Spine Specialist Doctors in Jaipur, Who are known to be involved in Best Pain Management, of Spine Disc case's with out any Surgery-for your Lower back.most of the time it's seen that pai

Slipdisc problem is very much commonest issue now a days, most of Back-Pain problem being treated by Painkillers and bedrest.but you must know that every Back-Pain is associated with different etiology.ignoring there reasons concern and start random

Stitchless techniques for Slipdisc pain problem!Anyone's who is suffering with BackPain usually advised for bed rest or long-term Painkillers as well as some exercise, so called physiotherapy!But Sometimes such Painful situation may landed in worse

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